Hey, I'm Case! I work full time designing independent video games. I'm currently living in the UK but work remotely with a team based in California under the name of Studio Thunderhorse and currently working full time on Flynn: Son of Crimson

I've been studying and developing games since 2013. Designing games has always been a huge passion of mine from a very early age and sketching out characters and levels on paper during classes at School are my first memories of dabbling in the art. I often still take an old-fashioned approach to game design and use pencil & paper and love it!

I'm a firm believer that video games should be fun and feel great regardless of the genre (Obvious, but often forgotten!). This blog will hopefully give you an insight on how I tackle game design elements such as 'Game Feel' and tips on how to get the most out of your own games!

At heart, I'm a musician and have been composing music since 2008 and sometimes relax after a long day of coding with an evening of composing music. You can find my music bits here.

Check out my portfolio pages to see what projects I've worked on/games I have released or keep up with my current work over at my Twitter.